Why Arts and Humanities?

The Arts and Humanities Major addresses the core elements of human expression from historical, critical, comparative, and practice-based perspectives. It not only teaches you about art in human life but also gives a context for you to develop your own arts practice. There are three pathways involving Creative Writing, Theatre, Music and Performance, and Visual Arts and Art History.

We provide creative arts for the College curriculum and a means of expression and participation for the whole community at Yale-NUS College through our specialist faculty and amazing arts facilities.

The emphasis of the three pathways in Arts and Humanities gives you a chance to explore your ideas through text, performance, music, and images, which are the most powerful modes of human expression, as such, anything is possible.

Courses in the Arts and Humanities Major include creative writing, music, theatre making, animation, photography and the visual arts, as well as historical, critical and analytical studies and field trips.

The intellectual and practical skills developed in the Arts and Humanities Major prepares students for a wide range of careers including work in museums, performing arts, arts practice, education, music, academia, and arts journalism.