Study Abroad

Summer Arts Scholarship

CIPE offers the Summer Arts Scholarship to support students interested in pursuing a rigorous arts programme in a more applied and technical setting, such as in studio and performing arts. Programmes and courses taken do not have to offer academic credit to be eligible but must meet the below criteria. Scholarships are up to SGD 5,000. Successful candidates will receive the scholarship directly from the College and are fully responsible for application and payment to the summer programme provider as well as all other associated procedures.

Criteria for Programme Selection

  • Programmes must be academically rigorous
  • Programmes must allow in-depth engagement. (Generally, programmes should be three to five weeks long. However, this will depend on the particular programme and the number of hours dedicated in and out of studio).
  • Programme must end in time to allow students to return to Yale-NUS by the start of classes
  • Students may not enrol in online courses

Here are some recommended programmes for you to consider for this scholarship:

  • Visual Arts
  1. Yale University School of Art
  2. New York Studio School
  3. Brandeis University
  4. Art Institute of Chicago
  5. Yale Norfolk
  6. UC Davis Art Studio in France 
  7. Columbia University
  • Music
  1. Bowdoin International Music Festival
  2. Yellow Barn
  3. Aspen Music Festival and School
  4. Tanglewood Institute
  5. Music Academy of the West
  • Dance
  1. Paul Taylor’s American Modern Dance
  2. Jacob’s Pillow
  3. Mark Morris Dance Group