Keziah Quek (Class of 2017)

Christie's Singapore Office

I’m an aspiring art curator. The major has relevant courses that enabled me to start a conversation about the field I am interested in. My professors are constantly looking out for opportunities in the industry, and are available with valuable advice when I need to make a big decision. Last semester, I found a 6-month internship with the Christie’s Singapore office and I was able to negotiate a part time internship with Christie’s during the duration of my semester and to fulfil the academic requirements. My professors support was indispensable in helping me to achieve this combination of industry experience and academic work. Alongside the other internships I’ve done during my time at Yale-NUS, such as for the National Arts Council at the Venice Biennale 2015. I’m confident that this will give me the experience and exposure I will need in my first job when I graduate.