Urbanisms; City Arts

1 April 2016 (Fri),
At Performance Hall, Yale-NUS College

This course gives students the opportunity to engage with and examine arts practices and histories as they have developed in urban contexts at different times and places around the world. The case studies for the course may be drawn from various media including: visual arts, photography, writing, music, architecture, film etc. While engaging the problem of how to define art and examining the role of urban contexts in the development and appreciation of art, students will also be asked to consider questions such as: How does a city express itself? What is a creative city? Who is an artist? What are the audiences? What is an art work? Is there such a thing as rural art? What is traditional art? What is contemporary art? and many other topics. Readings will be drawn from history, art criticism, art theory, ecocriticism, spatial studies, sound studies, urban studies, human geography, and others. We will engage the art and performance worlds of Singapore as our primary laboratory. Preparing, engaging, and analysing the data collected during group and individual excursions will be integral to the course.