• Urbanisms; City Arts

    1 April 2016 (Fri)
    At Performance Hall, Yale-NUS College

    This course gives students the opportunity to engage with and examine arts practices and histories as they have developed in urban contexts at different times and places around the world. The case studies for the course may be drawn from various media including: visual arts, photography, writing, music, architecture, film etc. While engaging the...

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  • Travel Writing LAB in Kerala, India

    5 March 2016 (Sat)

    Written by Professor Heidi Stalla |  Image credit: Sean Cham   “I came to Kerala in late February 2016.  I saw light bulbs hanging from the trees.  I heard the groan of generators mixed with the constant cry of crows. I heard the drummers on the boardwalk of Cochin, and the trinket vendors calling out...

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  • Yale-NUS Symposium on Film and Painting

    5 March 2016 (Sat) , 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    At Performance Hall, Yale NUS College

    With the National Museum of Singapore, organised by Professor Brigitte Peucker. Speakers Steven Jacobs (PhD, University of Ghent) is an art historian who specialises in the relations between film and the visual arts. He is a professor in the Department of Art History, University of Ghent, Belgium. Brigitte Peucker (PhD, Yale University) is a Pro...

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