Artist-in-Residence Events

  • AIR Special Event: Open Studio with Beatrice Glow

    1 May 2021 (Sat) , 2-6 pm - 1st & 2nd May 2021
    Gillman Barracks

    Full press release here: Open studio with Beatrice Glow  Multidisciplinary artist-researcher Beatrice Glow, who is currently in residence at Yale-NUS, will be holding an open studio event at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (CCA) R...

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  • AIR Lecture: Aromatic Realities by Beatrice Glow

    24 February 2021 (Wed) , 7:30 PM

    View the recording here:   Artist Beatrice Glow will share her creative processes involving research within collections and site-specific histories, as well as co-labouring with community stakeholders, historians, and creative technologies. In her current artistic research, she is tracing the impact of trade goods such as Chinese silk, gunp...

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  • AIR Dialogue: Beatrice Glow

    21 January 2021 (Thu) , 6:00 PM
    Elm Rector's Commons

    Beatrice Glow is a Visiting Artist-in-Residence at Yale-NUS College and is teaching the module “Media Arts for Just Futures”. During her residency at Yale-NUS College, artist Beatrice Glow  will use multi-sensory approaches, ranging from experiential technology to olfactory art. Through collaborative artistic methods she will work with students ...

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  • Why Not?

    4 November 2020 (Wed)

    To coincide with the Artist-in-Residence public lecture on November 4th, this Yale-NUS Library exhibit, ongoing from 16th October to 13th November, Maquettes for Artworks by Chen Sai Hua Kuan are displayed alongside a portfolio slideshow and a selection of publications from the Yale-NUS Library relevant to his practice and the module entitled Sc...

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  • Everything That Has a Point Makes a Circle

    4 November 2020 (Wed) , 7:30 PM
    Live Streaming from Yale-NUS Performance Hall

    View the recording here: Singaporean artist Chen Sai Hua Kuan is the second artist of Yale-NUS College’s Artist-in-Residence programme. His residency follows that of Andrew S. Yang and Christa Donner from the Chicago Art Institute who were in residence from January-July 2020, Join us via Zoom for a live-streamed event where Sai will discuss his...

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  • AIR Dialogue: Sai (aka Chen Sai Hua Kuan)

    1 September 2020 (Tue) , 4:30 PM
    Via Zoom

    Living and working in Singapore, Sai creates artwork that reflects his interest in the notion of play within daily life. His practice often challenges the habituated eye by deconstructing and transforming everyday objects, found materials and situations, so as to invite fresh interpretations of them. Sai sees his art as the outcome of conditiona...

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  • AIR Dialogue: Andrew Yang and Christa Donner

    15 January 2020 (Wed)

    The Artist-in-Residence Programme is committed to conversations as a central part of its programme. In preparation for the artists’ arrival, community dialogues were launched to engage various stakeholders – students, faculty, staff and institutional partners – to gather feedback and heighten awareness about the collaborations that potenti...

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  • Natural Questions: Art for a Small Planet

    10 February 2020 (Mon) , 7:00 PM
    Black Box Theatre

    An evening together with artists Andrew Yang and Christa Donner, the inaugural Yale-NUS College Artists-in-Residence. As part of their residency, Yang and Donner are teaching the module Culturing Nature: Ecological Art and the Garden, which encourages others to use multi-sensory and multi-media approaches, experiments with drawing, photography, ...

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