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  • AIR Dialogue: Beatrice Glow

    21 January 2021 (Thu) , 6:00 PM
    Elm Rector's Commons

    Beatrice Glow is a Visiting Artist-in-Residence at Yale-NUS College and is teaching the module “Media Arts for Just Futures”. During her residency at Yale-NUS College, artist Beatrice Glow  will use multi-sensory approaches, ranging from experiential technology to olfactory art. Through collaborative artistic methods she will work with students ...

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  • Why Not?

    4 November 2020 (Wed)

    To coincide with the Artist-in-Residence public lecture on November 4th, this Yale-NUS Library exhibit, ongoing from 16th October to 13th November, Maquettes for Artworks by Chen Sai Hua Kuan are displayed alongside a portfolio slideshow and a selection of publications from the Yale-NUS Library relevant to his practice and the module entitled Sc...

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  • Everything That Has a Point Makes a Circle

    4 November 2020 (Wed) , 7:30 PM
    Live Streaming from Yale-NUS Performance Hall

    Live Streaming Link: Singaporean artist Chen Sai Hua Kuan is the second artist of Yale-NUS College’s Artist-in-Residence programme. His residency follows that of Andrew S. Yang and Christa Donner from the Chicago Art Institute who were in residence from January-July 2020,...

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  • Mutantextures: World Building through Soundscapes

    24 October 2020 (Sat) , 10AM - 1PM
    Blackbox and Dressing Rooms 1- 5

    “Mutantextures: World Building through Soundscapes” a workshop by Bani Haykal Workshop Synopsis Mutantextures is a workshop on creating / designing soundscapes through a combination of critical theory and practice. The workshop’s primary focus is to introduce students to several introductory concepts and tools in order to develop and...

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  • Alex Scollay: Cinematic Lighting for Visual Eff...

    10 October 2020 (Sat) , 2PM - 6PM
    Via Zoom

    Join Alex Scollay, a Hollywood visual effects veteran with over 2 decades of experience,  to learn about Cinematic Lighting for Visual Effects!

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  • AIR Dialogue: Sai (aka Chen Sai Hua Kuan)

    1 September 2020 (Tue) , 4:30 PM
    Via Zoom

    Living and working in Singapore, Sai creates artwork that reflects his interest in the notion of play within daily life. His practice often challenges the habituated eye by deconstructing and transforming everyday objects, found materials and situations, so as to invite fresh interpretations of them. Sai sees his art as the outcome of conditiona...

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  • Artist-in-Residence: When Going Means Staying

    29 April 2020 (Wed)

    This article was previously published on the Yale-NUS College and Singapore Art and Gallery Guide websites. Inaugural artists of Yale-NUS College’s Artist-in-Residence programme, Andrew S Yang and Christa Donner are working creatively with current social and ecological circumstances unfolding in Singapore, as the garden city takes new steps to c...

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  • AAH. Salon

    25 April 2020 (Sat) , 8 30 PM
    Website will go live on 22nd April 2020, 8:30pm

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  • 2020 Yale-NUS Literary Awards

    22 April 2020 (Wed) , 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    Zoom ID: 98404231372


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  • AIR Dialogue – Andrew Yang and Christa Do...

    15 January 2020 (Wed)

    The Artist-in-Residence Programme is committed to conversations as a central part of its programme. In preparation for the artists’ arrival, community dialogues were launched to engage various stakeholders – students, faculty, staff and institutional partners – to gather feedback and heighten awareness about the collaborations that potenti...

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  • Open House

    19 March 2020 (Thu) , 4:00PM - 5:00PM
    Cendana Rectors Commons

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  • Indian Utopianism and Modernism

    17 March 2020 (Tue) , 7:00 PM
    Art Studio 3

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  • Diana A. Chester – Recording The World: P...

    12 February 2020 (Wed) , 3pm
    Studio 3

    Artist Diana A. Chester will discuss an ongoing field recording project where she has travelled around the world recording Islamic call to prayer, associated gallery exhibitions using these recordings to explore human meditation of sound and her upcoming book which chronicles the ethnographic first encounters and experiences of this artistic res...

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  • Natural Questions: Art for a Small Planet

    10 February 2020 (Mon) , 7:00 PM
    Black Box Theatre

    An evening together with artists Andrew Yang and Christa Donner, the inaugural Yale-NUS College Artists-in-Residence. As part of their residency, Yang and Donner are teaching the module Culturing Nature: Ecological Art and the Garden, which encourages others to use multi-sensory and multi-media approaches, experiments with drawing, photography, ...

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  • Rethinking Art as Informal Life Politics

    4 February 2020 (Tue) , 6:00 PM
    Elm Rector's Commons

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  • Yale-NUS College launches Artist-in-Residence p...

    30 January 2020 (Thu)

    This article was previously published on the Yale-NUS College, Yale Daily News and Singapore Art Gallery and Guide websites. Multidisciplinary artists Andrew Yang and Christa Donner selected as the first artists-in-residence Yale-NUS College has launched a new Artist-in-Residence programme. Multidisciplinary artists Andrew Yang and Christa Donne...

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  • Yale-NUS Literary Awards 2019-2020

    20 January 2020 (Mon) , 9:00 AM

    Call for submissions! More information in the poster below.

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  • Yale-NUS Air Dialogue

    15 January 2020 (Wed) , 5pm - 6pm
    Cendana Rector's Commons

    Join faculty members Andrew Yang and Christa Donner at the Yale-NUS Air Dialogue and share your thoughts on what artists in residence can be!

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  • End of Semester Show

    25 November 2019 (Mon) , 7:00 PM
    Art Studio 2

    Showcasing Drawing Methods, Introduction to 2D Animation, Documentary Photography and Installation Art.  

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  • Reading Series: Parashar Kulkarni & Linda C...

    19 November 2019 (Tue) , 7:30 PM
    Saga Rector's Commons

    Assistant Prof Parashar Kulkarni and author Linda Collins will be reading from their recent work, followed by a Q&A and an informal reception. *open to the public* Co-sponsored by the Creative Writing Programme, Writers’ Centre & Saga Rector’s Office. RSVP: Parashar Kulkarni is an Assistant Professor of Political S...

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  • Photojournalism in Hostile Environments: Lesson...

    30 October 2019 (Wed) , 4:00PM - 6:00PM
    Black Box

    Join documentary photographer Matt Aslett and postdoctoral fellow Yew Wei Lit to discuss the importance of objective documentation and reporting and the essential practicalities of working in hostile environments. Sign-up link: See you there!

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  • Art, Voice and Politics: The Role of Art Instit...

    22 October 2019 (Tue) , 6:00PM - 7:30PM
    LT 1

    A conversation with Ute Meta Bauer and Laura Raicovich See you there!

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  • Constantin Guys and the Painters of Global Mode...

    10 October 2019 (Thu) , 6:00PM - 7:30PM
    Black Box Theatre

    Professor Mary Roberts is conducting a lecture focussed on a range of images of contemporary life in the near east by Ottomans and European artist and patrons that trouble such accounts of nineteenth-century modernism and orientalist. She is the John Schaeffer Professor of Art History at the University of Sydney. See you there!    

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  • “Our See of Islands”: Okinawa Summe...

    10 September 2019 (Tue) , 7PM- 9.30PM
    Art Studio 3

    Students from a Summer LAB (Learning Across Boundaries) to Okinawa, Japan will be sharing their creative works and experiences at an exhibition.

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  • Artist Talk: Joan MacIntosh

    26 April 2019 (Fri) , 11:45
    Elm Rector's Commons

    Join us for a lunchtime talk by actress, director, writer, and Yale Visiting Professor, Joan MacIntosh. Over this semester, Joan conducted two modules within the Arts and Humanities major: The Actor’s Journey: Training, Scenes, Performance, and American Avant Garde Theatre of the 1960s and 1970s.  

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  • On Affinities and Entitlement: Conversations su...

    24 April 2019 (Wed) , 20:00
    Studio 3

    Nurul Huda Rashid shares her art practice and holds a conversation surrounding the ethics and politics of gender, violence, image-making and image-consuming. Her current project, Women in War, is a survey of images of women in war, critiqued through concepts of gender and violence, politics of the visual, and the role of media and the archives a...

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  • [Open Call] NUS Museum Internship Opportunities

    27 March 2019 (Wed)

    Applications for the NUS Museum Internship Programme are open until March 27. The NUS Museum Internship Programme aims to engage students by introducing them to museum work, providing research opportunities, developing skills, and access to mentorship. This programme aims to build a rapport with students and encourage their interests in the arts...

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  • Urbanisms; City Arts

    1 April 2016 (Fri)
    Performance Hall, Yale-NUS College

    This course gives students the opportunity to engage with and examine arts practices and histories as they have developed in urban contexts at different times and places around the world. The case studies for the course may be drawn from various media including: visual arts, photography, writing, music, architecture, film etc. While engaging the...

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  • Travel Writing LAB in Kerala, India

    5 March 2016 (Sat)

    Written by Professor Heidi Stalla |  Image credit: Sean Cham   “I came to Kerala in late February 2016.  I saw light bulbs hanging from the trees.  I heard the groan of generators mixed with the constant cry of crows. I heard the drummers on the boardwalk of Cochin, and the trinket vendors calling out...

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  • Yale-NUS Symposium on Film and Painting

    5 March 2016 (Sat) , 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Performance Hall, Yale NUS College

    With the National Museum of Singapore, organised by Professor Brigitte Peucker. Speakers Steven Jacobs (PhD, University of Ghent) is an art historian who specialises in the relations between film and the visual arts. He is a professor in the Department of Art History, University of Ghent, Belgium. Brigitte Peucker (PhD, Yale University) is a Pro...

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