1. How many courses will I take to complete the Arts and Humanities Major?

All students in the major will complete 40 MC in coursework and a 10MC Capstone Project.

2. Which courses are compulsory in the Arts and Humanities Major?

Introduction to the Arts is a required course. There are also three categories from which courses, Comparative/Analytical, Critical/Collaborative, and Practice.

3. Tell me more about these categories in the Arts and Humanities Major.

The Arts and Humanities Major will balance contextual and historical knowledge, critical thinking and practical skills in the arts through Comparative/Analytical, Critical/Collaborative and Practice categories. Students taking the Arts and Humanities Major will take at least one course in the Comparative/Analytical Category, one course in the Critical/Collaborative Category, and two in the Practice Category.

4. Is there a particular order or progression I must take to complete an Arts and Humanities Major?

No, but there are introductory and applied contextual level courses that would be better taken in progressive steps. A student’s readiness for these courses will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

5. Tell me about the pathways within the Major?

In the Arts and Humanities Major, there are three concentrations, Creative Writing, Music, Performance and Theatre, and Visual Arts and Art History. You can design your own pathway through these courses with advice from faculty.

6. Will some courses be repeated so that I can come back to it later?

Introduction to the Arts will be offered each year, and many courses will be offered periodically.