Sem 2 AY2019/2020: Culturing Nature Class

At the College, Yang and Donner are teaching a studio art module called, Culturing Nature: Gardens in Ecological Art in which students are invited to engage with ecology as a starting point for creative research. Through a multi-sensory approach, students interact with gardens on and off-campus, experimenting with drawing, photography and multimedia projects as ways to observe, represent and imagine the ways humans relate to the living world in an age of environmental urgency. (Photos: Tom White/Andrew Yang)

Jurong Garden

Yang and Donner worked with the College community on the ‘Farm to Fork’ programme run by students and Yale-NUS Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies) Marvin Montefrio. The artists have also worked with community members at the Sky Garden@Jurong Central where they conducted interviews with local urban gardeners and did sound recordings of the garden together with students. (Photos: Ashbel Chioh)