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24 February 2021 (Wed) , 7:30 PM
AIR Lecture: Aromatic Realities by Beatrice Glow
Artist Beatrice Glow will share her creative processes involving research within collections and site-specific histor...
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18 January 2021 (Mon)
Artist Beatrice Glow joins Yale-NUS College Artist...
This article was previously published on the Yale-NUS College website.  Yale-NUS marks new partnership with NTU Centr...
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21 January 2021 (Thu) , 6:00 PM
AIR Dialogue: Beatrice Glow
Beatrice Glow is a Visiting Artist-in-Residence at Yale-NUS College and is teaching the module “Media Arts for Just F...
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4 November 2020 (Wed)
Why Not?
To coincide with the Artist-in-Residence public lecture on November 4th, this Yale-NUS Library exhibit, ongoing from ...
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